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2017 National Show Schedule

Saturday, July 8 will be entry day/vet check. Exhibitors will not be allowed on the grounds until 7 am
on Saturday. All animals must be through vet check by 10 pm and checked in by midnight.

All exhibitors MUST remain on the grounds until they are released on Saturday, July 15. Time of
release TBA on Friday after the completion of the show.

Youth events will be held Saturday, July 8 and Sunday, July 9.

July 7 - Friday 12:00 Noon Committee Arrival & Set-up ~ All Committee members with animals must be on
site by 6:00 pm for Vet Check. This is NATIONAL SHOW/COLORAMA/NS YOUTH Committee members ONLY.
  7:00 PM National Show Committee Meeting
  8:00 AM Registration Paper Check-in opens
  11:00 AM Youth Participant Check-in
  1:00 PM All Youth Participants & their Dairy Goats must be on-site and checked in
  2:00 PM Youth Orientation Meeting ~ Mandatory for all youth exhibitors
  4:00 PM Youth Judging and Management Contest
  4:00 PM PeeWee Costume Showmanship Class (ages 10 & under)
  7:00 PM Youth Mixer
July 9 - Sunday    
  8:00 AM Junior Showmanship (ages 10 & younger)
Intermediate Showmanship I (ages 11-13)
Intermediate Showmanship II (ages 14-16)
Senior Showmanship (ages 17-20)
  NOON Youth Fitting Team Contest
    Youth Ice Cream Social immediately following completion of Youth Fitting Team Contest
  2:00 PM LaMancha Milk Out
  3:00 PM Oberhasli Milk Out
  4:00 PM LaMancha Junior Doe Show - Matthys/Smith
  5:00 PM Oberhasli  Junior Doe Show - Benedict/Noble
July 10 - Monday 8:00 AM LaMancha Senior Doe Show - Matthys/Smith
  9:00 AM Oberhasli Senior Doe Show - Benedict/Noble
  2:00 PM Nigerian Dwarf Milk Out
  3:00 PM Sable Milk Out
  4:00 PM Nigerian Dwarf Junior Doe Show - Cavanagh/Biddle
  5:00 PM Sable Junior Doe Show - Matthys/Benedict
July 11 - Tuesday 8:00 AM Nigerian Dwarf Senior Doe Show - Cavanagh/Biddle
  9:00 AM Sable Senior Doe Show - Matthys/Benedict
  2:00 PM Nubian Milk Out
  3:00 PM Saanen Milk Out
  4:00 PM Nubian Junior Doe Show - Noble/Cavanagh
  5:00 PM Saanen Junior Doe Show - Biddle/Matthys
July 12- Wednesday 8:00 AM Nubian Senior Doe Show - Noble/Cavanagh
  9:00 AM Saanen Senior Doe Show - Biddle/Matthys
  2:00 PM Alpine Milk Out
  3:00 PM Toggenburg Milk Out
  4:00 PM Alpine Junior Doe Show - Smith/Benedict
  5:00 PM Toggenburg Junior Doe Show - Cavanagh/Biddle
July 13 - Thursday 8:00 AM Alpine Senior Doe Show - Smith/Benedict
  9:00 AM Toggenburg Senior Doe Show - Cavanagh/Biddle
  2:00 PM Recorded Grae Milk Out
  4:00 PM Recorded Grade Junior Doe Show - Smith/Noble
  NOON Bids will open for the Silent Auction kids. Auction will end 1/2 hour after completion of the Recorded Grade Junior Doe Show.
July 14 - Friday 8:00 AM Recorded Grade Senior Doe Show - Smith/Noble
  The following events will take place 1 hour after the end of the show or at the following scheduled time whichever is later.
  2:00 PM Wine & Cheese Event
  4:00 PM Colorama Sale
Awards Ceremony
July15 - Saturday TBA RELEASE

Schedule is subject to change


National Show Suggested Time Line

The National Show Schedule will be finalized according to established ADGA
Standard Operating Procedures. Conducting a National Show is a complex process that involves
many steps and many people to be successful. To remove some of the mystery
of that process and assure the membership that progress is being made, we are providing a typical
National Show Timeline. An X indicates a task has been completed.

November Review judges list for eligible candidates ~ DONE  
  Develop National Show committee member list ~ DONE  
  Contact local host group coordinators ~ DONE  
December Finalize National Show committee member list, send welcome letter ~ DONE  
  Review award sponsorship levels and make necessary changes ~ DONE  
  NS Chair selects Awards and Sponsorship coordinators ~ DONE  
  Review facility elements with state fair site managers ~ DONE  
January Award sponsorship renewal emails sent out ~ DONE  
  Complete ADGA Membership voting to determine 5 judges (Jan. 25) ~ DONE  
  Send voting tally to National Show committee for selection of remaining judge (approx. Jan. 31) ~ DONE  
  NS Chair selects Raffle Kid coordinators ~ DONE  
  Finalize facility contract  ~ DONE  
February Confirm all 6 judges for NS (February 15) ~ DONE  
  Order ribbons & banners ~ DONE  
  Host Group develops local awards  
  Award Sponsorship renewal deadline (February 15th) ~ DONE  
  Develop show schedule ~ DONE  
March Finalize updated rules for NS and submit to ADGA office (March 31)  
  Finalize judging assignments and schedule ~ DONE  
  Finalize judging contracts  
  Obtain the State health requirements for animals coming into Wisconsin ~ DONE  
  Develop the Vet check procedures with the Host Group & NS committee (March 15th) ~ DONE  
  Review all show packet documents ~ DONE  
  Finalize entry & pen fees and select Vendor & Volunteer Coordinators ~ DONE  
  Develop hotel/camping/dormitory options with ADGA Manager and Host Group  
April Finalize the Show Schedule ~ DONE  
  Complete rules and entry packet for the ADGA office for publication (April 15th)  
  Develop pen chart ~ DONE  
May Begin receiving entries  
  Confirm judges' travel plans & confirm reservations ~ DONE  
  NS Committee submits updated budget to ADGA Executive Committee  
  Work with Volunteer Coordinator to develop volunteer planning  
June Confirm all awards are set for delivery  
  Entries close  - dates TBA  
  Begin assigning pens  
  Provide numbers to Host Group for Wine & Cheese Reception  
July (pre-show) Arrival at fairgrounds...perform a site walk of the facilities  
  Label pens & post pen assignment diagrams  
  Assure that Vet Check-in cards are ready  
  Conduct NS Committee and Host Group Meeting (July 7)  
  Review volunteer schedule to assure adequate staffing for each task  
July (show) Perform registration and Vet-Check check-in  
  Distribute show cards and books  
  Conduct milk checks  
  Make sure shows begin on time and exhibitors are well notified of start times  
  Meet with Facility personnel regularly to discuss issues and resolve problems  
  Resolve exhibitor issues and complaints  


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