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Exhibitors: Only a week left until we are heading to Madison and we wanted to give you some very important information regarding vet check and the procedure to get through vet check, unloaded and checked in.

Attached you will find a map of the Alliant Energy Center. From whatever direction you are coming in from, you will turn onto Rimrock Road which borders the facility. We are asking you to use the Rusk Gate which is the south gate just past the entrance to Clarion Suites. This entrance will take you onto E. Rusk Ave. You will take the 1st small road to the west (right) and this will take you directly into the South Parking lot where vet check will be held. (See closeup pic below of the Rusk Ave turn)

Once you reach south parking lot, volunteers will get you lined up for vet check. At vet check you will receive a bright lime green vet check card (see below photo) which your vet will sign once he has cleared your animals. THIS CARD IS VERY IMPORTANT!! On the card will be your stall location and we have indicated the door closest to your stalls (listed in the Notes section of the card) to help you find the quickest way to unload. You will be met by a National Show welcome committee who will help you find your stalls. On the back of the vet check card is a complete layout of the stalling map. Your pens are circled in black and the door nearest is marked.

Unloading areas are indicated in green on the map...they run the full length of both north and south sides of the barn. Doors are clearly marked with numbers. Your vet card also indicates the amount of first bedding you will get and the local host group will sign your card and bring your bedding to your closest door.

Once you have unloaded please move your trailers across the north parking lot and into Quann Park (indicated in blue). There will be parking attendants on duty to help you get settled. After that bring your registration papers, VET CHECK CARD and CVI with you to registration paper check in located near the National Show office and get checked in.

Vet check is open 7 am until 10 pm. Do NOT arrive prior to 7 am or you may not be able to get on the grounds. Please do NOT use the main Alliant Energy Center way entrance to come in with your trailer. Registration paper check in runs 8 am to midnight. YOU MUST BE CHECKED IN BY MIDNIGHT so please make sure you come up to the office!

Questions? Please let us know!!



Following is the price list for feed available at the National Show thru Jack & Dick's Feed & Garden.
 If you want something that is not on the list, give them a call and they may be able to find it and bring it to the show. While they are confident that they will be able to find a source for alfalfa, they have not located any at this time. They will continue to take pre-orders but there is no price set at this point in time. Check back as we get closer to the show.

Kent Midwest MIlking Goat Grain - 18% pellet
Pre-order $10.15 At Show $12.65

Kent Custom Kid - 18% pellet w/rumensin
Pre-order $11.85 At Show $14.35

Kent 16% Goat Pellet
Pre-order $13.30 At Show $15.80

Kalmbach 16% Goat Textured Feed
Pre-order $13.90 At Show $16.40

Beet Pulp w/Molasses
Pre-order $11.65 At Show $14.15

Calf Manna
Pre-order $31.40 At Show $33.90

Whole Cleaned Oats
Pre-order $9.90 At Show $12.40

Alfalfa Pellets
Pre-order $13.00 At Show $15.50

Trace Mineral Salt Brick 4#
Pre-order $2.45 At Show $4.95

Redmond Salt Rock-on-a-Rope
Pre-order $9.60 At Show $12.10

Purina Depth Charge
Pre-order $12.15 At Show $14.65

Dejno's Pine Shavings
Pre-order $6.50 At Show $9.00

Pre-order $6.25 At Show $8.75

Grass Hay
Pre-order $7.25 At Show $9.75

Alfalfa Hay
Pre-order $7.25 At Show $9.75

Feed can be pre-ordered by email at or by calling 608-752-3058


Additional Info on the Alliant Energy Center facility:

We want exhibitors to be fully informed about all aspects of Alliant and the facilities for the ADGA National Show.

AEC hosts a large quantity of events throughout the year in all of their venues. While all of your pens will be thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival, AEC does not employ any special power washing or sanitizing of pens. Please keep that in mind and be ready to take whatever precautions you feel are necessary to ensure the health and safety of your animals and your own peace of mind. This also includes the privacy panels which are used throughout the season by AEC exhibitors. Also, please be considerate of your pen neighbors if you decide to sanitize your pens in any way. Often sprays and cleaners can be abrasive to people and animals. We just want your safety and well-being at the show.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks everyone!


Following is the address and phone number of the Alliant Energy Center which you will
need on your CVIs. Also please be aware that the Premise ID of AEC needs to be written on your
CVI. All exhibitors from Wisconsin will need a Premise ID in order to exhibit. Those exhibitors
from other states which also require a Premise ID will need to include it on your CVI. If you are
unsure of your state premise ID requirement, please contact your vet to make sure.

Alliant Energy Center
1919 Alliant Energy Way
Madison, WI  53713
Premise ID: 00486DS7

Privacy (Biosecurity) Panels for Horse Stalls

Above are two photos of Privacy Panels that can be used to close up the horse stalls at AEC

The Alliant Energy Center is renting these privacy panels to the show.
There are 200 of these panels available so it will be first come-first served
Rental price is $15.00 per panel and we will furnish the zip ties to attach them.
We will have a table set up near the National Show office where you can rent them when you
arrive if you feel you need them. You will be responsible for removing them and turning them back
in when you leave and for making sure they do not get damaged.

Any panels damaged or not returned before you leave will be subject to the service charge ADGA
incurs from AEC and will be charged to your account.


Concessions and Alcohol Policy at the 2017 National Show

There will be a concession stand located on site. Sample menus are available below.  
The stand will be open 7 am to 8 pm.

As the Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage license holder, AEC does not allow alcoholic beverages
to be brought onto their property. All alcoholic beverages consumed on AEC property
must have been purchased from AEC/Centerplate.
Centerplate Concessions will have a full menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items available.
They will also be selling Miller Lite and Spotted Cow draft beer, Mike's Hard Lemonade as well as the
following varieties of wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pino Grigio and Chardonnay.

Basic Concession Menu                     Bistro Menu

Feed Dealer at National Show

Bedding, Hay and feed will be available for purchase from Jack and Dick’s Feed and Garden, Janesville, WI.
They carry a full line of grain (Nutrena, Kalmbach, Purina, Kent & Big Gain)  and will have shavings (Marth's brand) and straw.
Available hay will be local grass hay and local (Wisconsin grown) alfalfa
. Pre-orders are appreciated at 608-752-3058 or

Pre-pay not required

Price List and hours of sales will be posted as soon as they become available.

New Awards for 2017 and Expanded Herdmanship Award

2017 will be an exciting year...we have created a new Outstanding Exhibitor award
and it is being sponsored by Caprine Supply. There will be one outstanding exhibitor chosen per breed
and YOU, the exhibitor, will be able to judge and nominate your favorites. The Outstanding Exhibitor
award will be based on Sportsmanship, Barn Etiquette and Showring Etiquette. Below is the s
scorecard for this new award

Outstanding Exhibitor Scorecard

We are also excited to be promoting and expanding the Herdsmanship program. Again,
this is an award that YOU, the exhibitor, nominates but we also have a new sub-committee
of National Show committee members who will view and submit suggestions for outstanding
herdsmanship displays.

Herdmanship is based on:
1. Promotion of Dairy Goats
2. Cooperation while at show
3. Good Attitude during show
4. Cleanliness of display
5. Attitude of exhibitor
6. Education of the public/other exhibitors

Nomination forms will be available at Registration paper check in or you can contact
Hannah Larson or Sharla Macke to get a copy during the show.

Special Travel Award

Are you traveling a long distance to reach Madison? If so, you might be the lucky
winner of the Special Travel award sponsored by Bob Cassette, Chateau Briant Farm, in
loving memory of his wife, Evelyn.

The travel award is given to the herd that travels the farthest to the National Show each year!

Can I decorate my stalls?

Absolutely...we'd be thrilled if EVERY one of our exhibitors took the time to decorate their stalls
and promote the Dairy Goat. All displays MUST follow the following guidelines though.

No pen/tack stall can be completely enclosed. You may have a back drop on your pens
covered solid up to 6' (SIX FEET) maximum as well as the two sides of your stalls.
The final fourth side (front) must be LEFT OPEN at all times.  You may not have any form of
cover on your pens at any time.

All materials used to decorate must be fire retardant. This can be accomplished with fire retardant spray
which can be sprayed on your current decorations.

We encourage you to put up farm signs but they cannot be electric signs and are considered
non-essential electric.   You may also put up posters promoting the Dairy Goat and other areas
of the industry but we ask you to please only use zip ties to hang all decorations. Tape is not allowed
on the walls at AEC. Slide shows on your laptop are also allowed but digital photo frames can only
be used if battery operated.

You are also welcome to put tables/displays up either in the aisles or end sections of your pens but we ask you
to please limit the floor area of your display to no more than 10' long and 4' wide in consideration of
other exhibitors.


Please read

The ONLY electronics that are permitted in the barn during the show are the following: pasteurizers,
clippers, milking machines, fans, bucket heaters, cell phone chargers and laptops. Examples of non-
essential electric include but are not limited to: refrigerators, microwaves, crock pots, waffle irons, griddles,
coffee pots, popcorn poppers, blenders, grills, radios, toasters and toaster ovens. If an exhibitor is in doubt about a
certain item, please check with the Chairs before use. The National Show Committee and/or AEC Staff
reserve the right to check pens if there is suspicion of non-essential electric usage. Any exhibitor or
vendor who refuses to comply with the rules and regulations at a National Show may be asked to leave
immediately, and will be prohibited from participation at future National Shows for a period of time to be
determined by the ADGA Board of Directors.

Photos of the Alliant Energy Center, home of the 2017 ADGA National Show

(NOTE: Not all areas will be used for the show)

Alliant Energy Center Coliseum

Outside view of New Holland Pavilion #2 (animals will be housed here)

Inside of Pavilion #2 (set up for a dairy show)
Note: panels used for dairy are the same panels used for the horse pens

Coliseum with Willow Island behind


Exhibition Hall


Wash Racks

Electrical in the pavilions..note the panels in the background are the horse pen panels

Some photos courtesy of

NOTE: This facility is NOT air conditioned or temperature controlled. All animals will be housed in one barn area.
This is a new facility and has a large system of circulating fans that will keep barns comfortable.

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